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Our Story

One7 is an effort to visually celebrate the vast diversity of our great country, Canada. The existence of One7 is inspired by the very birth of Canada on 1st of July 1867, a day when we embarked upon the greatest voyage to be a truly strong and free country. From east to west and from north to south One7 strives to bring a wide range of visual stories into products that you can proudly own . Support our journey and let’s explore Canada together.

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Why One7

Created by a group of passionate Graphic designers, Apparel Designers and Marketing Professionals, One7 Store by OneSeven Designs is an attempt to reflect the vibrance and variety of our great country – Canada, through graphics and compositions that evoke your senses. We strive to bring together unique concepts and stories through research, inquiry and analysis.

The Prespective

We believe that style and fashion also serve the purpose to send a message to society through what we wear. We are on a constant search for topics and narratives that could be communicated to the new generation by creating a balance between the trends and our roots.

Canada is not just a place on a map, it's a feeling of warmth, diversity, and a sense of belonging.

From coast to coast, Canada's beauty knows no bounds, painting a picture of serenity and enchantment.

Let's Join Hands

One7 is always open to ideas and interpretations. We welcome our customers to be an active part of our creations. If you have any ideas or stories that you wish to see on our products, feel free to connect with our team at

Let’s celebrate this journey together.

Thank you

One7 Team.