Knowing where Canada’s name came from increases respect for our history. The One7 store has been very interested in learning the history of the name Canada. One7 store sought to tell a visual narrative that bridges the current with the past. Understanding how the term Canada came to be what it is now led to […]

Can I have a double double, please? What distinguishes us as uniquely Canadian. One7 designers have always been enthralled by the national cultural icons that have shaped who we are. Here, One7 store set out to investigate and develop a variety of designs that accurately depict our icons. Answers to the seemingly straightforward question “What […]

See how the cycling infrastructure measures up in Canadian cities. – Montreal might be setting the standard. The Netherlands was similar to Canada at the beginning of the 1970s: it was a car-centric nation where the car served as the primary mode of transportation and bicycle travel was both uncomfortable and dangerous. Due to a […]